“Everyone Has A Song Inside”


And that’s exactly where it should remain.  Just when I was thinking that Microsoft should be condemned to the flames for its latest round of insufferable television ads (some smug little jagoff spouting obvious pronouncements as if they were marvelous insights) the company completely redeems itself with a promotional video for its new product, Songsmith.  If you think ‘uplifting’ is a musical genre then this is the software for you. All you have to do is sing anything you want at your computer and the software produces matching ‘music’. Randall Stross, writing for The New York Times, reports that this minimusical, written and acted by two software engineers, has become a huge hit.

Songsmith was released on Jan. 8, but hundreds of thousands of viewers have already sampled the Songsmith promotional video on YouTube [which is now] filling with hilarious videos in which the vocal tracks of rock classics have been fed into Songsmith and the ghastly computer-generated accompaniment has been recorded.

My favorite so far is “Wonderwall”.  Mr. Stross finds  “Sgt Pepper’s. . .” the most excruciating.  Original promo video after the jump.

[Additional Note: Check out Commenter’s site ‘Entertainment Weakly’ for more.  I think I like it best when sacred cows like Radiohead and Weezer get totally drained.]

Everyone Has A Song Inside


Sgt. Pepper’s


White Wedding


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