Just Let The Idiots Gamble Already

From the Projo:

State Sen. John J. Tassoni Jr. is proposing an amendment to the state Constitution to allow full-scale casino gambling at both Twin River and Newport Grand…Tassoni said he introduced the bill because: “I think it is time. We don’t have enough revenue for the budget. I believe this would help … [and] it is like what the governor said. Status quo can no longer be accepted. We need to make sure we are on the head of the train, not the caboose.”

You know what? Lets just build a damn casino already. The revenue (if not horribly misused by our state government) can go towards helping people who have lost their homes and jobs and help bridge the billions in the budget shortfall. The construction and employment opportunities will stimulate the local economy. Gamblers are going to go to Foxwoods and Mohegan anyway, lets keep that money in our state so we can keep some teachers employed and the electricity on for people who can’t afford it. Aww, the traffic problems and the increased crime and the ugly buildings…this is the hole we’re in, this is one way to slow the cash bleed.

5 thoughts on “Just Let The Idiots Gamble Already”

  1. joe bernstein

    Alex-I think the huge layoffs were at Foxwoods-Mohegan went the wage reduction route.Neither is good.Twin River laid off a lot of people.Twin River is unionized -the other two casinos aren’t-in the end it made no difference.

  2. Who says casinos are a sure fire way to make money right now? Foxwoods and Moheegan have been letting hundreds of employees go in the last year. I don’t think they’re raking it in right now.

  3. joe bernstein

    I worked at Twin River when it was Lincoln Park.The degenerate gamblers were unreal.They would shit and piss on the chairs because they were afraid to leave a “lucky” machine.One night a woman collapsed and died from an aneurysm ansd there was considerable blood and these nitwits were literally trying to step over her to get to machines.
    I could never figure out how these creeps managed to have money to gamble day and night and never even change their clothes(or in some cases wash) and there were no real winners in the long run-the winners generally gave it all back.
    I saw people maxing out their credit cards on cash advances every day.Wonder why there is a credit default problem?
    I never gambled before I went to work there and I definitely will not after working there.

  4. you know, i’ve been to Twin Riva’ and it is pretty much a (disgusting) casino anyway – but their financial troubles are their own problems, and same goes for the state. i am not so sure i believe that casinos are that much of a sure bet for bailing out failing budgets. i say that if the owners of Twin River can’t make a go of it financially, then it should be turned over the the Narragansett Indians and let them do whatever they want to with it!

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