The Graffiti Task Force Has Its Work Cut Out…

His portrait of Obama might be in the National Portrait Gallery, but RISD grad Shepherd Fairey just returned to Providence to remind us that he’s only partially moved on from all those Andre The Giant stickers that were on every stop sign in the city for all of the nineties.  I actually like the reds in this quite a bit, though I think he could have chosen a more interesting location than the AS220-owned Mercantile Block to make his point (especially since right across the street there’s that narrow building with the windowless back and three stories of brick just begging for something cool to be put on them.)  Two more photos after the jump:

[via the IndieArts Twitter]

12 thoughts on “The Graffiti Task Force Has Its Work Cut Out…”

  1. matthew lawrence

    The third one’s on Wesminster, according to UglyAgnes up there.

    My favorite comment on the Nice Slice entry is (currently) the last one:

    When I think of black struggles in the 60s I think of pizza. Delicious, non corporate pizza

    “Yes can I get a slice of the Rosa Parks and a Huey Newton?”

    “That’ll be 5 non ironic dollars, please”

    “It’s been a pleasure exploiting a races troubles in the name of late night, totally drunk oven baked goods”


  2. Argh. That’s what I meant. Poorly worded…

    I’m not in Providence right now, but I hope it stays up long enough for me to see it when I make it up there in the spring. Ya think?!

  3. Prindymas,

    What do you mean “advertising for obey”…. Shepard started Obey, Obey Giant and Shepard Fairey go hand in hand.

    I know some (not all) of his Boston locations were preapproved by the owners, I don’t know if that is the case with the Providence spots.

    And Joe I am going to a members opening Wednesday, the Shep lecture on Thursday and the Shep Obey Experiment on Friday night.

  4. back to doing his own thing…? advertising for obey? i do love it, though. maybe it’s been commissioned by obey and the ProPo won’t have to take it down.

  5. I can’t see the pictures either, but there are some on westminster (west end) right before citizens bank too.

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