Giving The Number 43 A Good Name

troy polamalu Lots of women like football for the same reasons guys do. But let’s face it, sometimes there is that little something extra on the field to hold our attention — like this guy! Troy Polamalu is one good reason to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. He will be easy to spot with his glossy black curls flying in the wind (NFL owners got together last spring and decided not to institute a rule requiring long hair be tucked underneath the helmet, thank gawd) plus he seems to be everywhere you look. However, he plays defense so fans kind of have to want the Cardinals to control the ball. . . while still losing the game.  Maybe he’ll score on an interception again; he’s an amazing player at only 5’10” and a famously sweet guy.  Look for him in a new ad for Coca-Cola which references the famous 1980 “Mean Joe Greene” spot.

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