Ay Carumba

peggy It’s always such a letdown to find out somebody you admire is a Scientologist. Mostly it’s upsetting to think that someone can be so dopey and gullible and still end up being successful and have this really cool life — and maybe your life isn’t so cool right now. First it was Beck which I still find baffling.  But now it’s my favorite gal on Mad Men, Peggy. In a profile in the Feb/Mar issue of Bust magazine, actress Elisabeth Moss explains “… there’s a huge respect for artists in Scientology.” I’m pretty sure that refers to ‘performing’ artists only, girlfriend — and if your church has a Celebrity Centre, hold on to your wallet. (And wouldn’t they just spell it ‘centre’.) But the thing is, Elisabeth Moss is engaged to the wonderful Fred Armisen of SNL fame! Can’t he talk some sense into her?  Also in the news is voice-actor Nancy Cartwright who has used her Bart Simpson voice in a Scientology robo-call campaign flogging an upcoming church event. Bart Simpson of all people!


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  1. I find bashing Scientology pretty weird.

    A) Why do people care what some celebrity they’ve never had any interaction with and, most likely, never will believes?

    B) What makes one person’s religious beliefs proof that s/he is “dopey and gullible” while another’s is perfectly normal? A lot of people point to the Scientologist “Space Opera” and say, “That’s crazy. They believe in aliens from outerspace.” Well, if they’d called them angels and said they came from heaven, then it’s not much different from Christianity, now is it?

  2. Moss is one of those girls who’s difficult to classify as hot or otherwise.
    She’s got that whole 60’s secretary thing going for her with the bangs. But without them she looks less than average.

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