Go Devlin

devlin rice Just as the people of Pittsburgh start to come down from their insane Super Bowl victory, here comes the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Barista Competition — the Northeast Regionals! Jeez, let these poor souls catch their breath.  (Think they’ll delay the start of school again on Monday morning so fans can sleep in?)

I will be rooting for Devlin Rice of New Harvest Coffee (an artisan roaster located in the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket). I have already discussed my struggles with latte art in this space (some progress has been made if I am allowed to concentrate and take my time and everybody will just shut up and stop staring at me).  But in this weekend’s competition Devlin — the only Rhode Islander — will have to make 12 perfect coffee drinks, expound on the topic of coffee, and pick the perfect background music.  So what coffee-drinking music did he select?  The gentleman who answered the phone at NHC (Rice was roasting) reported that Devlin was going with instrumentals like DJ Smalls/DJ Smallz aka Southern Smoke, and MF Doom (might want to avoid the ‘Vomitspit’ track — just seems like bad juju). [ProJo]

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