Cianci Tries To Be All, “Oh Yeah Portland? Well We Can Have A Pointless Gay Mayor Scandal Too, You Know.”

Yesterday on his radio show whimsical coot Buddy Cianci claimed that mayor David Cicilline misappropriated city funds in order to give two strippers a ride (heh, heh) from Boston.  But an investigation proves that really it’s kind of way more complicated than that!

Turns out Scott Birchall, who does work for Allens Avenue club Trixx, allegedly arranged for a Boston cop to escort the two strippers, who took pictures of the journey through the Ted Williams tunnel and wrote about it on their blog, a post which has since (I guess) been taken down. (NSFW)  Birchall claims that he only took the couple (who go by Jordan and Aden Jaric but also for some reason refer to themselves as Brangelina) from Logan to Tremont Street, and that the pair wasn’t escorted to Providence.

Channel 10 reported on the story last night, in that Channel 10 way that’s all like “sex offender!” “live sex act!” “sex offender registry!”, which is completely unnecessary, not particularly related to the story, and mildly offensive.  The video’s here.

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7 thoughts on “Cianci Tries To Be All, “Oh Yeah Portland? Well We Can Have A Pointless Gay Mayor Scandal Too, You Know.””

  1. Anyone who knows that place knows it is a pit of drugs and prostitution and Scott has exploited the dancers for years.

  2. matthew lawrence

    I don’t think anyone is defending a convicted pedophile. I think people are pointing out that, just because someone is a convicted pedophile (who has finished serving his time) doesn’t mean that their pedophilia has anything to do with the news story that brought it up. This isn’t the eighteenth century, and I wish people would stop acting like it was.

  3. From what I understand, Sex offenders in RI have to register for 10 years from release from prison, probation, parole, etc. If you check out Scott Birchall’s record, he still was under jurisdiction in 2001.

    Here’s the law:

    An offender who is required to register must do so for 10 years following his or her date of release from incarceration, parole, supervised release, or probation. A sexually violent predator must register for his or her lifetime following the date of his release from prison, placement on parole, supervised release, or probation.

    An offender who is required to register or verify his or her address and who knowingly fails to do so is guilty of a felony and upon conviction he or she will be imprisoned no more than 10 years, fined no more than $10,000, or both imprisoned and fined. An offender who is required to register or verify his or her address and who knowingly fails to do so is in violation of the terms of his or her release, regardless of whether or not the term was a special condition of his or her release on probation, parole, home confinement, or other form of supervised release.

  4. Offensive is not the word, the channel stated they can’t find Mr. Birchall on the sex offender list, but they fail to mention (a fact I am very grateful for) is that Level 1 sex offenders are NOT published, it is strictly for law enforcement use.

    Also another fact I am grateful is that the law originally only required the lowest level sex offenders to register for 10 years from the date of conviction. Maybe he isn’t required to still be registered.

    I personally take offense to the term “sex offender” as it sounds like you are actively offending just like Channel 10 being a Common Sense Offender.

  5. I haven’t really been following this one at all, frankly I don’t care. I just wanted to chime in and say most of the time I find Channel 10 to be offensive.

  6. cache machine

    Well they may have taken it down but the information is available if you know how to look for it. The post from their publicly accessible blog is below. Interestingly enough, they also took down a bunch of very explicit photos of themselves supposedly at Trixx. Probably wanted to hide from the news and the public the fact that they are having sex for the patrons to view inside the night club.
    Shame on you “Larry”, the boston cop who, according to the gay strippers “Hit 100+” miles per hour on their escort. This is a true disgrace.

    They wrote:
    “OMG, What a Trip! Let’s just start off by saying Big Scott and the boys are awesome, we had a blast! The freakin excitement started the second we called Scott (the owner of Trixx) as we walked outside of the terminal. He says, i’m 2 seconds away with a police escort…. We are thinking, wft? [sic] did that mother f*cker just say police escort? Sure enough, his boy Jamie came up to us and brought us to the car with a police escort! Larry (the cop) was awesome! We got out of the airport and to a night club so fast, we hit 100+ in the airport. It was amazing and i felt like we should have been on the station TRU TV, the show and if you don’t believe us…. look at this KRAZY shit~”

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