“Daddy Makes Too Much Money”

http://www.animation-art.nl/webshop/images/speelgoed/little-mermaid-phone.jpgThis one’s cute:

A glitch in a University of Rhode Island listserv sent one mother’s personal E-mail to the entire student body, the Good 5 Cent Cigar reports. The message, which was sent in response to a university E-mail about IRS tax forms read, “Unfortunately, or fortunately (however you want to look at it) Daddy makes too much to qualify for anything.”

Which I particularly note because it reminds me of this famous mom phone message story, from my alma mater, as covered on NPR and beyond:

In the early ’90s at Columbia, then-senior Fred Schultz needed some books from home. His mother said she would look for them only if he agreed to wait by the phone until she called back. Fred, of course, did not wait and Mrs. Schultz was greeted by her son’s voice mail, which for reasons not worth mentioning (mermaid fetish) said, “Please leave a message for me and the Little Mermaid,” with Ariel singing in the background. Mrs. Schultz, enraged by her son’s neglect, left a message saying “You and the Little Mermaid can both go fuck yourselves. I told you to stay near the phone. I can’t find the books you wanted. They must be in La Jolla. I’m not going to wait up all night for you. Goodbyyyyeee.”

Fred knew what a rare gem he had on his hands, and so he forwarded this message along to one of his friends, who proceeded to forward it to everyone he knew, each of whom forwarded it to everyone they knew. And so Mrs. Schultz’s voice went flying from ROLM phone to ROLM phone at the speed of light, or more accurately, at the speed of sound.

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