“It Turned Out Perfectly”

octopussy No, she is not referring to her brand new trout pout, but rather the eight babies still in the preemie ward. Okay, we’ve established that Nadya Suleman is mentally ill (14 children under the age of 7 and she’s spending money on Angelina lips).  But the national press has a huge mea culpa to perform.  When the story first broke, the national media acted as if it was an adorable human interest story — with help, I might add, from the clueless delivery docs who thought it was so cute how they thought there were only seven, but then there were eight!  What a surprise! What a disaster. All these children were immediately at high risk for a lifetime of expensive medical and developmental problems, and that’s how it should have been reported from the very beginning (if it needed to be reported at all). Now comes the Today Show interview with the insufferable Ann Curry acting as is if this were a journalistic coup. Just maybe we shouldn’t be interviewing mental people.

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  1. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you. It is about time someone had something other than praise for this nutty person. How in the world could this happen. She already had six children.I know we are brainwashed into believing that procreation is the reason for human existence,but the minute this woman opens her mouth anyone can tell there is something amiss in that head. She says I just want children,I want to love them and hold them. One person in a day can’t even change 8 diapers three or fore times.

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