When All You Want Is To Fit In

let the right one in The tween years are so difficult, but Oskar and Eli have a special set of challenges. The Avon is holding its own vampire weekend with midnight-ish showings of the Swedish movie Let the Right One In. (If that sounds familiar, the title is derived from a Morrissey song, the screenwriter being a fan.) The curious white poodle that shows up in an early scene is the first indication that visually, this is going to be an interesting show. In fact, there are at least 5 or 6 scenes of such disturbing originality that the audience (okay, me) gasped out loud. In fact, do not watch the trailer for the movie — it gives away too many surprises.  Film school students will have a field day with the symbolism and layers of meaning in this one. (How is this not nominated for one single Academy Award?) All I can say is — best creepy blond kid since The Bad Seed. And one last thing, in that nanosecond of frontal nudity, did I see what I think I saw? My companion did not see what I saw.  A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will do. No spoilers please.  [The New York Times]

11:30pm Saturday, $9.25, 114 minutes, Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street

12 thoughts on “When All You Want Is To Fit In”

  1. Well that will teach me to blink during a movie. And I agree, a five-star audience – how refreshing!

  2. Okay, thanks. It’s just that it went by so fast, and my mind was pretty much blown by then. Well, that gives me more to think about.

  3. yes, you saw what you think you saw.. (it’s based on a book and they cut a huge part out… uh that part…. read the wikipedia on it..)

  4. Canisiuschris

    You did indeed see what you think you saw. I wasn’t really able to make sense of it until I read the novel. I actually like the film’s handling better which I think is a rarity for me. Great film.

  5. To CC: a scar? I can say that much. No one sitting through that movie is going to remember this sentence, or this blog, by that point in the story.

    To Matthew. Actually there were only about 20 or 30 people in attendance, which is why I thought maybe I’d get the word out. And everyone was utterly silent in rapt attention — no cell phones, no coughing, no talking, no eating — just a smattering of nervous laughter in all the right places (and me going “no way” from time to time). It was an excellent audience. I give it five stars.

  6. matthew lawrence

    Was the screening, uh, full of overenthusiastic Brown students waving at each other from eight rows apart, though? Because that always makes me hate everything I see at the Avon…

  7. Chris Curley

    What did you think you saw? I think I saw it, but maybe I didn’t see what you think you saw.

    But I think I saw it.

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