Less Bear, More Bull

flushing money Apparently none of the federal stimulus money can be used for the polar bear exhibit after all, so we don’t have to hear about that anymore. (Even The Colbert Report took a swipe at us over that one.)  This was confirmed by Mayor Cicilline appearing today on Fox and Friends.  But let’s get back to that MainStreet Economic Recovery Survey from the U. S. Conference of Mayors. Cicilline has a request for $5,000,000 under ‘Public Safety’ described as follows:

Providence Police Department as a �Teaching Police Department� Initiative � intent is to apply the teaching hospital model to advancing policing as a profession. The partnership will provide a unique opportunity to learn how other disciplines evolved [it just ends there like that]

Would someone care to translate this into English for me?  The number of jobs created is listed as zero and the word ‘initiative’ is setting off alarm bells. I envision about three upper-echelon administrative wonks burrowing away for a couple of years to produce a report that nobody will ever read.  There may be conferences with easels and pie charts as well. I suggest that these funds would soon disappear down a rat hole with nothing substantive to show for it, and that the money could be better used in other ways.

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  1. So we are counting on the money brought in by the visiting cops? That’s pretty vague and awfully hard to quantify. Yesterday it was reported that 1200 applicants applied for 40 positions advertised at the Department of Labor and Training. I want job creation out of this stimulus package not vanity projects for police brass who are doing just fine thank you. I’ll even quote our Governor from his speech the other night — we need more taxpayers.

  2. Well, it’s certainly wonkish language, but, if I get this right, there’s some good thinking in there. Somewhere.

    In plain English, the plan sound’s like they want to export techniques and expertise by becoming a center of excellence. Cops from all around the country will come to PVD to learn how to un-f*** their departments, as our has been un-f***ed.

    One important meme in this, again if I’m right, is cops-teaching-cops. This is a big part of the success of the Memphis mental health crisis approach that has come to RI via New London. Cops far prefer to be taught by other cops as there is very high trust factor. There are links on this post over on my blog that follow up on the sad, sad killing of Jay Swift by Pawtucket police.

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