Are You Hungry For Love?

My totally fave holiday is coming up – I love Lincoln and Washington. I love President’s Day. I love Abe’s beard.

Anyway, there’s some other holiday tomorrow having something to do with love or the commercialization of it. The good news is I’m still single. (Holla!) The other good news is Farm Fresh RI’s Wintertime Farmers’ Market is doing something awesome that involves free food, lovingly prepared by fancy chefs.

There is a lot of love that goes into food – from growing to cooking to breaking bread – and to celebrate that there will be some extra special Valentine’s Day goings on at the market.

RISD Executive Chef, Pierre St. Germain, will cook a tasting menu featuring local meat, seafood and cheese. Newport Vineyards will be sampling wines that pair perfectly with each dish.

Wintertime Farmers’ Market, Every Saturday from 11am – 2pm at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket.

Just do us all a favor, couples, and don’t feed each other in public. It’s totally gross and not sexy.

Menu after the jump:

Chef Pierre’s decadent menu will include:

2 thoughts on “Are You Hungry For Love?”

  1. Haha, my lover and I are totally gonna feed each other and moan and groan over each bite!

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