Why Twilight fans will save the world…

Alright, so this was NOT a great movie. The fact that the film site itself promotes the Rotten Tomatoes review is a little beyond my last college skimming of post-modernist paradigms.

a love that dare not speak its name - bella and edwardLook beyond the frailty of the plot, and you’ll note the poignant post-Freudian take on death, dying AND the insatiability of teenage girls for beautiful boys with awesome music collections who love them too much to risk ruining their intimate and abiding love with anything as dangerous as sex.

If Ernest Becker‘s thoughts on what ails us are right, this could be a hopeful sign of an emergent sense of irony among teens about death. If nothing else, we’ll have another generation questioning the meaning of good and evil until Buffy makes it to Nickelodeon.

In this day and age of change and shifting morality, we need a future of nuance, where good is as good does, not as it comes presented and spun.

And it may make high school boys be better listeners – wolves, goths and emos alike.

Author Meyer also provides a model for steroid-laden professional baseball players to stay in the game – bring them out on the field DURING thunder storms.

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