Hillary Clinton on Indonesian TV


Maybe I’ve been watching too much of the horrendous/wonderful crime drama Lie To Me*, but watching dreamy Tim Roth use the facial expressions of politicians in order to catch criminals is maybe what made me so enamored with this, a Clinton appearance on what seems to be an Indonesian variety show for teens.  Without knowing what she’s saying, I think I could figure out whether she was lying about something based on her shoulders, her hands, or the fact that she’s not flinching every time someone says a certain name.  I’m just disappointed that nobody took advantage of the dance floor they’re all sitting in front of, though.

[*I’ve seen two episodes; I’m pretty sure that qualifies as ‘too much.’  Although I’ve learned a lot watching it; for instance, if you make evil faces at a wedding reception then chances are your water bottle doesn’t actually have water in it and you’re planning on immolating yourself at the first opportunity, just because, for reasons that have nothing to do with the rest of the episode and which nobody will ever refer back to.  I also learned that if somebody gets shot at a wedding it’s apparently easier to find the murderer by analyzing the facial expressions of every guest than it is to, say, investigate which direction the bullet came from.  And I learned that apparently no criminal investigators have ever seen The Bodyguard because hello, like that wasn’t obvious.]

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