asthmatics I’m way behind the curve on this one, but that’s okay. Discovering an awesome ‘new’ band is like finding money. The above mentioned Witch — current project of Dinosaur Jr. guitarist J Mascis, now on drums — released their second cd Paralyzed over a year ago, and nobody told me nothin’. Fortunately, Witch is in heavy rotation over at Blue State where it pairs nicely with my other dark mistress, the coffee bean. Good description on their own myspace page.

The punk overtones and sped up tempos are largely due to Kyle Thomas’ shift in songwriting to suit the free wheeling energy of J Mascis’ drum playing. This is clearly evidenced in “Mutated” and “1000 MPH”. Thomas admits, “J plays drums with a lot of energy, so I decided that instead of writing slow songs and having them speed up when we play them live, I should just write faster songs”.

9pm, $8, Sunday, AS220, 150 Empire Street

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