National Grid Might Be My New Favorite Band Name

It’s Monday again, which means that it’s time to don your gayest kafiyyah* and get over to Wheels.  This week: LLOVE, Hardontron, National Grid, and DJ 11:11.  Trashy music, a really ugly bar, beer that’s not as cheap as it should be, cracky old gay people that won’t let a little noise get in the way of their crackiness, and carpeting.  What more can you ask for on a school night?

Beth and I both failed miserably at alerting you about last week’s Mahi Mahi/Butcherings show (which was awesome, and which we both went to…oops) so hopefully this post will slightly redeem us.

(*Though I actually like the trend, I still think it’s weird that the hipsters of today are all into what Rachael Ray was wearing two years ago.)

1 thought on “National Grid Might Be My New Favorite Band Name”

  1. If National Grid gets popular they might get sued by the power company.

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