Depeche Mode’s New Video Makes Depeche Mode Exciting Again

Whether or not you’re a fan of anything Depeche Mode did after 1990 isn’t particularly relevant when watching the video for their new song, Wrong.  Because the video is AWESOME.


The song’s pretty good, too. But man, is that a cool video. Especially because it just reminded me of another completely awesome video, the one for The Delgados’ Pull The Wires From The Wall. Have a look-see after the jump:


The Delgados video is a lot sadder and less action-packed, but still. There’s a car, and some people with their hands tied behind their backs. And, you know, stuff.

1 thought on “Depeche Mode’s New Video Makes Depeche Mode Exciting Again”

  1. This was one of the best albums of 2009. Depeche mode seem to push the envelope for electronic-rock every time they put out a new album. Can’t wait to seem them live again. MSG in NYC was amazing this past summer!!

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