Corporate Visuals Stink

CVS The Providence Journal sees no downside to the new CVS being installed on the first floor of the Providence Place Mall, hence the title of its brief editorial in Wednesday’s paper — “More downtown delights”.

In May, the CVS on the third retail level of Providence Place will move into a large space at ground level entered from the mall and from the street. It will have a pharmacy and a “digital photo café.”

Second only to Dunkin’ Donuts* in the ugliness of its street facades, their garish signature orange and cheap building materials may well screw up what is a pretty satisfactory streetscape right now.  Who knows, maybe CVS has a special plan for this very public space, but corporations tend to cling to such things, even at the risk of offending their future customers.

*I suppose the hookers’ wig shop on Westminster Street is in serious contention, but I can’t pick on a cute little a mom ‘n’ pop store.

7 thoughts on “Corporate Visuals Stink”

  1. I have no problem with the concept of a CVS being street-level and all, it’s the signage I am worried about. And while I agree that the present streetscape isn’t exactly ‘appealing’ — it isn’t too horribly cheesy and cheap, and fairly unified. Plop a big CVS sign in there and I think the whole thing will suddenly look like crap.

  2. There is really no reason to fuss… not sure what is appealing about the current street scape. If you think a complete lack of street level retail is a pretty street scape, then maybe you are right. I tend to like being able to access a convenience store on the street. In an ideal world, it would not be the first store I would put there, but at least it is something accessible on foot (I live closeby), so we don’t have to enter the quickly deteriorating behemouth that is Prov Place Mall.

  3. Perhaps (and by that, I mean Hopefully) they will create a smaller, Providence version of the Sony Wonder in NYC.

    I usually think these corporate places are bad, but I was in nyc this winter and had occasion to sit, sip coffee and use their bathroom, all while staying warm. I have to say a fair number of groups and students appeared to be using it too……

  4. ah yes that is unfortunate, they DO have an ugly facade. i suppose the only positive thing i can think of is “at least they’re local”.

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