Having Some Pride in Rhode Island

We should’ve commented on this a day or two ago: Rep Art Handy’s done us proud, landing in the NYTimes for having diligently introduced marriage equality legislation for 7 years running. We’re getting damn close:

Same-sex couples deserve full equality under the law, and that includes the right to marry. For the last decade or so, members of the Rhode Island State Legislature have regularly proposed bills to allow same-sex couples to marry only to see the issue die in committee without coming to a vote.

This week, the State Senate Judiciary Committee is expected, once again, to hear testimony on a bill allowing gay marriage; a House committee may do so next month. These will be empty gestures, once again, if the bills go no further. Proponents should redouble their efforts to propel them to the floor of both houses, where a favorable vote could help raise the issue in the national consciousness….

State Representative Arthur Handy attracted only four sponsors when he submitted a same-sex marriage bill in 2003. The bill he intends to file later this week is expected to have as many as 30 co-sponsors out of 75 House members.

That is certainly progress, but what Mr. Handy and the state’s gay couples ultimately need most of all is a favorable vote on the House and Senate floors.

2 thoughts on “Having Some Pride in Rhode Island”

  1. As a gay man I am so sick and tired of Straight Liberals and all of there “dogooding”

    Every Rep and Senator needs to work on getting this State back on track and that is it period!

    What good is marriage in this State if I have to leave to find a job!

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