Meet Dean Grose, Racist Idiot

The mayor of Los Alamitos, California, will be stepping down on March 2nd after sending an e-mail the other day entitled “No Easter Egg Hunt This Year.”  The e-mail itself was a picture of the White House, with the lawn replaced by…are you ready?…a watermelon patch!

Unfortunately for Mayor Dean Grose, he forwarded the picture on to “some close friends,” one of whom, a black woman named Keyanus Price, felt offended by the fact that her mayor thought the image was funny.  Which, let me remind you, was in image of the White House lawn replaced by a watermelon patch. She responded to the e-mail, saying that it wasn’t very nice, and Grose responded, saying “the way things are today, you gotta laugh every now and then.”

More people got offended, the news picked up on the story, a smashed watermelon appeared in front of the mayor’s office, and he has now decided to step down. Defending himself, Mayor Grose said that he had no idea that there was a stereotype about black people liking watermelons.  (Which might lead one to wonder what he found so funny…) Of course, even if he were somehow not lying about that, one could argue that complete ignorance of American History might make someone unqualified to be a mayor, anyway.

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  1. It will never cease to amaze me how wrong people in public life can get it. Partly because I am surprised that they can get that far without having tripped themselves up and out (although Los Alamitos isn’t really all that far). Politicians should never try humor. They always get it wrong. (Exception that proves the rule: RI District 2 Rep. David Segal)

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