Hearings On Compassion Center

medical marijuana signRIPAC executive director, Jesse Stout, has sent along notice that committees of the Rhode Island general assembly will be hearing testimony on the Compassion Center bill (bill summary) tomorrow. The Senate’s Health and Human Services committee (room 212) and the House’s Health Education and Welfare committee (room 135) will be holding simultaneous hearings. (Senator Rhoda Perry introduced S0185 and Representative Tom Slater introduced H5359 in February, with 50 of Rhode Island’s 75 representatives as co-sponsors.) In a related story, Attorney General Eric Holder has stated that the Justice Department will no longer be raiding legally established medical marijuana dispensaries deeming this an issue for the individual states to decide. Reason returns to the land.

Wednesday, 4pm, State House rms 135 and 212, Smith Street, more info at RIpatients.org or call 861.1601

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