Get Yer Blackwater Teddies While You Still Can

Update: Colbert reminds us that Xenu is Scientology’s evil Galactic Overlord.

Original Post: Beth- Does “Xe” play?

Blackwater is trying to re-brand, henceforth to be known as Xe. And it doesn’t even stand for Xenon.

“As many of you know, because we focus on continually improving our business that Xe is in the process of a comprehensive restructuring,” Prince wrote in a note to employees and clients. “It is with pride in our many accomplishments and confidence in Xe’s future that I announce my resignation as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.”

Blackwater was just way too obvious a name — the slick new moniker is sure to help them achieve a smoother transition to hegemon of the post-apocalyptic corporatist dystopia. Next step: Merge with Google.

2 thoughts on “Get Yer Blackwater Teddies While You Still Can”

  1. I wonder if they realize that’s one of the pronouns people often propose for intersexual and transsexual people.

  2. It’s not a good Scrabble word if that’s what you’re asking. What a stupid name — sounds like a new game box or diet soft drink.

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