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RIPR, subscriptionsThe RI Progressive Dems of America are putting on an event tomorrow (Thurs) night at the Rochambeau Library, called Ten Things You Don’t Know About Rhode Island, featuring the goofy yet graceful wonkiness of Tom Sgouros.  In summation, it’ll probably go something like this:  “Things in RI don’t suck as much as (or at least in the same ways as) everybody keeps saying they do.”  Consider it a rebuttal of sorts to the NYTimes piece.  7-9PM.

Have you noticed there is very little disagreement about the state budget among state lawmakers? The Governor and the legislature agree that taxes are too high, services too generous, and cities and towns too demanding. But have you also wondered why, if everyone agrees on the problems, that things don’t get any better? How about this: maybe they’re wrong.

Come join us for an enlightening and lively discussion led by Tom Sgouros, editor of the Rhode Island Policy Reporter. In his discussion, Ten Things You Don’t Know About Rhode Island, Tom describes how we got into the budget mess, what’s different about our weird little state relative to other states, and how we can possibly get out of the fiscal fiasco we’ve created for ourselves.

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