Ada Books Turns Into A Dead Zone On March 16th

This isn’t for a week-and-a-half yet, but I know how busy you all are, particularly on Mondays in the middle of March.  But prepare to take off your winter hat and put on your tam o’shanter because winter is (at least technically) ending soon and Saint Patrick’s Day is fast approaching.

On March 16th (St. Patrick’s Eve), I’ll be hosting The Dead-In at Ada Books, wherein I’ll mumble a few words about James Joyce before everybody launches into an out-loud reading of Joyce’s long short story/short novella.  It’ll be  a festive, though moody, way to say goodbye to winter and celebrate possibly the greatest short story to ever come out of Ireland.

(And not to be Johnny Own-Horn-Tooter, but the marathon reading of Ethan Frome that I did at the same time last year was lots of fun.  I can only imagine that this one will be better, since people don’t generally have a deep-seated dread of “The Dead” the way they do with Ethan Frome.)

Ada Books
717 Westminster St
7 pm

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  1. Phil Schwartz

    For the sake of diversity you could do “The Ugly” at the same reading, Anne Pigone’s 100-years-after take-off on “The Dead”. Though certainly not one of the greatest short stories to come out of Ireland, Pigone’s gender-switching of all The Dead’s characters makes for as good a critique of Joyce’s great short story as i have ever read.

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