And Rhode Island Undead

greatshell cat Providence writer, Walter Greatshell, has entered into a four-book deal with Penguin imprint, Berkley Books, keeping company with the likes of Patricia Cornwell, Robert B. Parker, and for better or worse, Tom Clancy.  At the very least, that’s going to be an interesting Christmas party.  First off the presses in October will be a rerelease of his first book, Xombies, with the new title Apocalypse Blues. (They published it once already, he bought it back, they bought it back from him . . .  it’s complicated.) This will be followed by Apocalypticon, Mad Skillz and finally Beth Saves the World (that’s just the working title right now). The ‘X’ of the original title refers to the female chromosome and this story is set right here in Rhode Island.  With a name like Walter Greatshell you pretty much have to become a writer, even if you are also a talented artist.  (This watercolor is his handiwork with no connection to the books.  I just like it.)

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  1. Jane McIlmail

    Yay, I’m so happy! Xombies was wonderful, and I’m glad it will get a bigger push. Can’t wait to read the multi-talented Walter’s other books as they come out.

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