Oddly Enough, This Works


For me anyway. Tragedy All Metal Tribute to the BeeGees, will be playing the Showcase Live in Foxboro on April 2nd. This venue might not be totally horrible as it is standing room only/general admission like a regular club. BUT, here’s the awesomest thing, Brendon Small of Dethklok will also be performing with the School of Rock All-Stars (not a Dethklok show per se, but they will do a couple of Dethklok numbers). AND before the show Mr. Small is holding a 30 minute Q & A session! (The venue’s write-up also suggests that he will be playing with Tragedy.) All this is only $15 . . . plus a $3 ‘convenience charge’.  If you can make it through the first 30 seconds of this video without smiling then I weep for your frozen heart. (I have written about Dethklok before.)

April 2, Thursday, Showcase Live, Patriot Place, Foxboro

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