Happy Trails

cowgirl the band Well, to the degree that someone who has just written about a BeeGees tribute band has any credibility left, I would like to direct your attention to a band doing some very original cool stuff.  As mentioned above ¡Cowgirl! will be part of the line-up for the Dark Lady Extravaganza scheduled for tonight. (What is it with the gays and metal all of a sudden?) ¡Cowgirl! is managed by Dan Edinberg, bassist for the much more shambolic Zox. Check out the ¡Cowgirl! myspace page for some intensely un-shambolic cuts and while there you may notice that listed under their influences is none other than the aforementioned Dethklok. I hope they are not being ironic, but I don’t care because their stuff is amazing. And that sure as hell looks like a smoke machine they got cranking.

$3, Sunday, 9pm, the Dark Lady, 124 Snow Street

[show poster after the jump]

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