Tea First, Then Be Ready (For Twin Peaks Tuesday at Julian’s)

Are your socks on fire?  Does school numb your buns? Do your arms bend backwards sometimes?  Are your Norwegians leaving?  Do you think that gum you like might come back in style?  Well, then head on over to Julian’s for Twin Peaks Tuesdays!

Join Waldo, Blackie, Harold Smith and the whole gang from Twin Peaks high as they get involved in all sorts of wacky hijinks!  What will happen when Leo Johnson discovers his wife with lovable rapscallion Bobby Briggs?  Why is Catherine Martell such a pill?  Will Big Ed ever make Nadine happy?  Will James ever escape the rich people in the most tedious subplot in television history? What’s the deal with Dr Jacoby’s Polynesian-themed office, and why would anyone ever trust him to dispense psychiatric advice?  Will the series writers ever remember that Donna had two sisters in the pilot?  Who is the mysterious Mr. Tajomoru?  Which phone is Lucy going to transfer the next call to?  And what’s going to happen to Jade and Emerald next on Invitation To Love?

Answers to these questions and more, tonight tomorrow night at Julian’s.  11pm.  Free.

5 thoughts on “Tea First, Then Be Ready (For Twin Peaks Tuesday at Julian’s)”

  1. Annie Messier

    “Twin Peaks” is the one show I never watched yet wanted to…Now I know too much. Darn you, Providence Daily Dose!

  2. Mr. Tajomoru turned out to be the dude’s wife who was missing since the sawmill fire! Totally forgot about that!!

  3. Did we miss a day? Did we skip Monday? That wouldn’t be so bad if we did, but I’m pretty sure it’s still Monday. So is tonight, or tomorrow??

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