Brand Loyalty

aldous snow Apparently realizing that the only good thing in the utterly forgettable movie ‘Forgetting Sarah . . . something. . . something” was the Russell Brand character, rocker Aldous Snow, the Apatow/Segel axis of evil is giving the character his own movie ‘Get Him to the Greek’. Could be great, but it will probably be stuffed with fart jokes and groin injuries and suck. Hope I’m wrong, because I will have to see it.  Russell Brand is currently having a bit of a moment with a special on Comedy Central and a memoir ‘My Booky Wook’ hitting the stores today. BUT here’s the best idea — his name is being mentioned as possibly playing Jack Sparrow’s brother in ‘Pirates 4’. (For those of you who think that this franchise is played out, just shut up.) This would be awesome casting . . . Russell Brand could totally Depp it up.

Comedy Central special airs again this Friday at 11PM.

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