Recycled Art at Providence Art Club

There’s a pretty neat show of art made from recycled materials up now at the Providence Art Club.  Highlights include skyscraper models made out of recycled fence, Islay Taylor’s fancy doily work, Mark Freedman’s cereal box painting, a pinhole camera garbage can, and Rebecca Siemering’s suit made out of lottery tickets and dental floss.  It’s nice to see artists working with recycled materials while avoiding green cliches and steering clear of the “bunch of trash piled on the floor” format that many artists are so into these days.  (I think the only piece that fits that criteria is the piece that involves nine Playmobils.  But that’s forgivable, if not very exciting.)

While you’re there, stop next door to see the Kelly McCullough show at the Dodge House Gallery.  Her paintings of teapots are a lot more likable than oil paintings of teapots have any right to be.

Providence Art Club
11 Thomas St.
Monday-Friday 12-4pm
Weekends 2-4pm
Through March 27th

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