Go out, and blog about it at the same time.

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IndieArts/RI, Live Downcity, Tazza Caffe and DJ Ted James present NERDSDAY: Providence’s first DJ’d Tweet-Up and Work Session. Come down to Tazza Caffe on Thursday night (9:00 PM) and meet your fellow Twitter users. No Twitter account yet? Sign up here: http://twitter.com

NERDSDAY is a different kind of social event, encouraging you to go and do the work you would normally do at home. Got a blog? Newsletter? Up to your neck in code? Constant site updates keeping you from going out? Homework? 
Come down and get some work done, have a drink, interact with your laptop cradling peers IRL and listen to some super-geeky music. Cult classic movies projected on the wall and plenty of iPhone Chess.. 
No cover
. Visit nerdsday.com for more info or follow @nerdsday on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Go out, and blog about it at the same time.”

  1. Drinking: check
    Anti-socializing in public: check
    Wondering wtf “super-geeky music” is: check
    Posting sarcastic observations on a multitude of message boards about a group of people who think tweeting is technologically advanced: Check

    Sounds like I MUST do this. Plus, I have a minesweeper record score to break.

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