For The Urbanists Out There

Update: I can’t get those links to work.  The bill numbers a H5610 and H5543.  You should be able to look them up over here.

Two bills-

  • Restoration of the historic tax credits, for projects with a lot of affordable housing. (I’m open to considering expansions, if it miraculously gets moving, but would certainly want it to be tighter than the original version.)
  • Demolition bonds for buildings in historic districts, to forestall further expansion of the surface-lot district.

The language for neither is perfect, but that can get corrected pretty easily, if they gain any steam. Let me know if you’re interested in helping out.

4 thoughts on “For The Urbanists Out There”

  1. David:
    Are the links to the bills password protected, or further hiccups in the state’s website. I’m getting an error that I’m restricted when I click them.


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