Video Killed The Mayoral Star

In an attempt, I’m guessing, to be more like our Google-embracing President,* Mayor Cicilline’s been issuing statements on YouTube lately, the most recent of which is a response to the Governor’s kooky budget plans. I actually have no idea what he’s saying in this one, because I’m at the library and there’s no sound.  Also, that woman that’s always yelling is yelling.

I’m disappointed, though, as the “related videos” aren’t very exciting.  I missed most of his video from the other day, in which he may or may not have announced his plans to run for mayor again, because the “related videos” sidebar led me to far more exciting fare.  (Now the same video leads to that City Council fart video that was all the rage yesterday.)

Now let’s just hope he doesn’t get carried away and try to Rickroll us with videos of his cat.

(*Unless he’s trying to be more like Soulja Boy.  Wouldn’t that be crazy?)

3 thoughts on “Video Killed The Mayoral Star”

  1. Rudolf Kraus

    Hey all,

    Just moved here from Chicago, and TRUST ME, using one-time payments to fix this year’s budget hole is like lighting your bed on fire because it’s too cold to sleep.

    I’m grateful to have a Mayor who’s a) honest about money, and b) willing to speak up FOR US when needed.

    Feel free to check out to see how bad Illinois’s finances are getting.

  2. be very careful NOT to look into their eyes or they will pull you into their web and you will never be truely free….

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