Music That Storms Your Brain

neurons When your influences range from Kurt Weill to Slayer, strange things are afoot.  But go listen to what the Seizures are doing and tell me this wouldn’t be a crazy fun show.  Fronted by Alec K. Redfearn (the hardest working man in show business) these guys kick ass — and no guitars! (My friends know exactly how hard it was for me to write that sentence.) Because of their instrumentation (accordion etc.) there may be a tendency to lump them in with the whole gypsy punk thing (of which, a little goes a loooong way) but this isn’t that.  When they hit ‘Rise’ it’s either the rapture or last call, but it sure as hell isn’t gypsies!  The Seizures, Taboo (out of Maine), Mother of Fire (from Minneapolis — members of County Z and Hex) play tonight.

$2, 9pm, Wednesday, Wheels, 125 Washington Street

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