Equal Time

cannoli Why didn’t St. Joseph’s Day ever take off like St. Patrick’s?  You could still get drunk if you wanted to, but nobody ever does. It’s sort of like Hannukah is to Christmas.  Pop into City Hall today to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day with Mayor Cicilline and guest speaker, Community College of Rhode Island President Ray M. DiPasquale.  Soprano Loriana De Crescenzo will perform Italian folk songs including “O Sole Mio”, followed by a free light lunch.

Noon, Thursday, Providence City Hall, Dorrance Street

2 thoughts on “Equal Time”

  1. Maybe it’s because the Irish drink beer and the Italians drink wine. The Irish are more of a beer drinking, raucous, have a good time culture, whereas the Italians are more of a sip wine, eat pastries, and ride motor scooters culture.

    I prefer the wine and pastries myself.

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