These Guys Can Put On A Show

AV Vienna Congrats to the Viennagram who made it through to the finals of the 2009 WBRU Rock Hunt.  Writing for The Phoenix Chris Conti reports on last weekend’s semis.

The Viennagram used the early time slot to their advantage by slamming the door at Jerky’s with a sweaty romp complete with an entourage of eye candy, a cast of characters who look like they’ve been living inside Rocky Point’s House of Horrors, and mountains of feathers and confetti . . .

I am unfamiliar with the other band that made it through, Baylock, but they started as a Sublime cover band and I see descripters like “reggae rootsy-indie rock” sooooo . . . good luck with that, guys.  But I’ve been loving the Viennagram for a while now. In addition to the above mentioned mayhem and fun, their music will rock your ass. Feathers are all well and good but you got to back it up with some tunes, and they do.  The final four bands will slug it out for the grand prize at Lupo’s on April 4th. The second round of semi-finals will take place this weekend to select the other two bands. On Friday night @ Club Hell, 8pm to 11pm, see The Intel, Girl Haggard, and For The Love Of Sloane. On Saturday @ The Wheelhouse, 10pm to 1am see Fairhaven, Sean P. Rogan and Far Off Place.

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