New Scientific Advancement Made In Providence: Late Nite Pizza Delivery the Projo blog:

But Habchi had an alternative that seemed to disarm the board and doubting Thomases who were waiting to testify against his petition.

Just let me keep the lights on and the oven hot so that I can deliver food to places such as Rhode Island Hospital, Habchi said through his lawyer, Jeffrey H. Garabedian. I will keep the door locked.

Five representatives of downtown organizations poised to question or oppose the petition told the board that they agreed to the delivery proposal. But the police were adamant against even the delivery option.

Annaldo acceded to the delivery proposal on a trial basis, but the board held off on a formal vote. The chairman made it clear that approval would be contingent on Habchi signing an agreement to allow the board to revoke the delivery approval without the possibility of an appeal if, during the trial period, the police discover a problem with the business.

2 thoughts on “New Scientific Advancement Made In Providence: Late Nite Pizza Delivery”

  1. now now be fair.. we shouldn’t leave out sections of articles in the projo to make the story sound more, let’s say uncool.

    To have an interest in your communities saftey and be business friendly but not totally stupid in “Dodge City” is a rare combination indeed.

    See reterence to dodge City….

    The good question that the Lt. asked at the hearing that resulted in the board considering a trial basis was this….

    “Lt. Michael Figueiredo, commander of the downtown police district, said he could foresee a scenario in which Pizza Queen would deliver to rowdy clubgoers in parking lots and in cars nearby. Garabedian said that for the safety of his drivers, he would only make deliveries to buildings with addresses, such as the hospital and Johnson & Wales. ”

    sounds like a win win for all. Now Pick up your phone dam-it an order a pizza! just don’t call from your car in the parking lot next to the pizza King..

  2. So does this mean that the police don’t want businesses open late because they’re afraid they’ll get robbed even if the business doesn’t seem to mind? This state is backwards.

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