Why Settle For Dinosaur Junior?

providence reds We got your dinosaur seniors right here.  (I keed, I keed).  Former Rhode Island Reds team members will actually appear tonight after a showing of the film When the Reds Ruled the Roost at the Woonsocket Stadium Theater.  This 30-minute movie covers the 51-year history of the Rhode Island Reds hockey team, and it looks to have some amazing old footage of mobs of fans at the old Auditorium wearing hats and dresses to a hockey game. (You can’t even get people dressed up for a funeral any more.) And by the way, whoever owns the rights to this image should run up some t-shirts or something — it’s very cool. (The film will also air on Channel 10 Saturday night at 7pm.)

$22, 7:30pm, Thursday, Stadium Theater, 28 Monument Square

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