Yes Darling, But Is It Art?


Three art happenings tonight:

i. Jonathan Bonner’s sculpture and Scott Lapham’s often eerie photography at 5 Traverse. (5 Traverse St, 6-8 pm)

ii. De/Construct II:  Twenty site-specific architectural installations on the seventh floor of some place in the Jewelry District.  This one has the added bonus of a Narragansett Creamery sponsorship, which I think means an extra-exciting cheese spread. (150 Chestnut St, 5-9 pm)

iii. Sign Language: Josie Morway, Katie Truskoski and Sarah Clover at Machines With Magnets (400 Main St, Pawtucket) This one has the added bonus of turning into a Six Finger Satellite Show.  Also featuring Made In Mexico and The In/Out.

[*In order to understand this video, I guess you have to know that I the title of this post is a reference to the delightful Television Personalities.  And that this completely fascinating-in-every-way video of an eight year old covering a TV Personalities song was the closest I could find to them on Youtube.  So, that’s why.]

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