Heart-pounding Crossword Solving Action

puzzle Sandor Bodo of The Providence Journal taped part of yesterday’s event at Brown.  It might seem that Mr. Shortz is speaking during the competition; he spoke before the puzzles were handed out. Click here. According to the article in the Sunday ProJo Saturday’s turnout exceeded all expectations.

A crossword puzzle competition is not your typical collegiate revelry. But the tournament at Brown University on Saturday filled an auditorium. In all, 300 showed up –– more than 200 penciling letters in tiny squares.

“I thought there’d be 10 people here,” said junior Jill Lambiase, 21, of East Greenwich, whose two-member team won a prize in the tournament.

Also mentioned in the article was the periodic table on the wall of the auditorium. That would not normally be a problem except that one of the puzzle clues asked for the element represented by ‘Pb’!  I demand a recount.

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