Tuesday: Demolition bond hearing

http://newsblog.projo.com/archives/provdemolition.jpgFor any urbanists out there — The House Corporations Committee will be hearing legislation tomorrow to require that developers who want to demolish historic buildings post bond with the city in question, to be returned upon completion of the new project.  It’s inspired by all of the recent demos in downtown Providence, and our spiffy new surface parking lots.

The bill is written pretty broadly right now, and so the language will likely be augmented, but anybody who’s concerned about this issue should feel free to come out and testify about the detrimental effects of all of the wanton demolition in Providence, and help establish that this widespread pratice is a real concern in our downtown core and other parts of the city.

That’s Tuesday, at about 4:30 PM in room 203.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday: Demolition bond hearing”

  1. would love to be there… would mean getting fired AND failing anatomy. push hard for this one for us, would you?

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