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The editor of Rhode Island Monthly was on the radio this morning talking about happy hour deals in Rhode Island, and now there’s a post on their new blog with a list of happy hour suggestions ranging from the delicious-sounding (the $11.99 burger and a beer at Rue de L’espoir is great if you don’t mind eating with a bunch of East Side divorcees on awkward match.com dates) to the creepily gender-specific (unaccompanied ladies get free food at Zooma! )

I was a little misinformed about the legality of the after-work phenomenon; I knew that happy hour drink specials were (for some reason) illegal in Rhode Island, but I didn’t know that happy hour food was okay.  (Until Downcity put out their sandwich board recently, I thought the term “happy hour” itself was a no-no, because I’d never actually heard anybody use it in this state before.)

Coincidentally, I ate off the famous bar menu at McCormick & Schmick’s for the first time the other night (their happy our menu doubles as their late-night menu.  Which is extra convenient, if you’re hungry on Sunday night after ten.)  I don’t eat seafood, but the $1.99 potato croquettes were super-tasty, though I did blow my savings with one of their eight-ounce glasses of wine.

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  1. It does indeed suck that happy hour-type drink discounts are outlawed here, although I know of a few bars where there’s an unwritten/unspoken happy hour period. I believe there’s a secret handshake involved…

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