Like some Jazz in your Rock? Check Otis Grove at Tazza Cafe FRIDAY April, 10th

There’s a new sound taking over the town known as Boston. If you’re by
the banks of the Charles River as the moon glows over the muddy waters
you very well may hear some thick, groovy beats banging out a trail
for raw guitar licks and a soul-drenched Hammond organ. Yes indeed,
ladies and gentleman who are down with the funk, the rock and the
soul, you have your new favorite band: Otis Grove.

Otis Grove began as a collective experiment in crossing the
traditional jazz sound with funk and Hip-Hop rhythms. It was the
beginning of a sound based in groove, free in improvisation, yet
rooted in songwriting and soulful melodies. The music, which has
evolved into a unique blend of soulful organ funk and garage rock,
pays tribute to the masters while consistently pushing itself in new

Six years, over 500 national shows, and one UK tour later; Otis Grove is hitting it harder then ever. The trio – known for their high-energy, dance inducing, dynamic live performances – signed with Ropeadope Digital records in early 2008 and is scheduled to play Providence’s Tazza Cafe on Friday, April 10th 2009. Their one of a kind live performance is not to be missed so check it out!

Tazza Cafe

250 Westminster St.

Providence, RI


For more information about Otis Grove, visit their website: or

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