Such a Pretty Little Package I Never Did See

budget-cover10-hi I’m guessing little of Rhode Island’s FY 2010 budget is soothing. But a watercolor on the budget’s cover called “Leave Your Troubles Behind” is offsetting the despair (or at least has to be better for morale than, say, plywood-boarded homes). Kudos to artist Donna Kenney Kirwin for winning the 2009 “Scenes of RI” show with this painting of the Block Island ferry and for stating,

“Hopefully, this scene reminds people of the peaceful feeling that a day by the ocean can bring.”

We have some alarming issues in Lil’ Rhody, but as Ms. Kirwin helps remind us, we’re still lucky to live in the Ocean State…At least until someone sells the nickname to plug our deficits.

(Photo: RI State Council on the Arts.)

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