Lisa Should Go To Brown

lisa does crossword There it is in The New York Times on page C2.  Mocking me. Today’s crossword puzzle was constructed by Brown sophomore, Joey Weissbrot ’11.  How do you get that smart that young?  What was I doing as a sophomore in college? No really, I’m asking.  Mr. Weissbrot was one of the guiding forces behind the newly created Brown Puzzling Association (along with Natan Last and Dustin Foley) inspired by his internship last summer at the home of Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor at the NYT.  (Emmy Liss of The Brown Daily Herald wrote up last Saturday’s first annual puzzle contest with a nice picture of Natan). I can’t link to today’s puzzle as they don’t give that away for free ($39.95 a year) but you can access their wordplay blog where the Brown boys get a mention (and I forgot that Dustin also had a puzzle in the Monday edition).  Both these puzzles will look very familiar to participants in Saturday’s contest. So, while these annoying overachievers make me feel bad about myself, they make me feel great about the future of the country. These guys are awesome.

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