Celebrating Holy Thursday With Army Of Lovers

I was trying to think of some way to commemmorate Holy Week here without being too religious about it; though I was raised Catholic and would still pick the papal team if I were ever invited to participate in any sort of religious-themed softball league, I only go to Church on the major holidays and usually not even then, disagree with the Pope about most things, and lately realized that I don’t remember a lot of the words to some of the key prayers and creeds and things.

But, the annual convergence of Easter and Passover and the full moon shouldn’t go completely unremarked upon, so I present to you Army Of Lovers, the early-nineties Swedish group known for hit singles like Candyman Messiah and Israelism.  Basically, if John Waters had seven dollars to form an Ace Of Base-esque disco group, they probably would have looked (and sounded) like this.  They’re like the Electric Six at Eurovision.  In other words they are amazing.  Here’s Crucified, a #3 hit in their native Sweden:


More! more! more! after the jump:

Here’s Baby’s Got A Neutron Bomb, off their debut album Disco Extravaganza:


Candyman Messiah, from Massive Luxury Overdose:


Israelism, a number one hit in Finland, is probably very offensive to people and the video is sadly unembeddable, but you can see it here.  The Gods Of Heaven And Earth, the album it appears on, was never released in the US.

Finally, La Plage de Saint Tropez, a less political song from the same album:


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  1. oh my god, army of lovers was so amazing. it’s pleasing to see others who remember their fabulousness.

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