Just Freaking Jail Them, Already

GOV066Way worse than blocking intersections: drunk driving. And it sickened me to read this in the ProJo of David Hazard, who killed a mother of six:

[Scituate Deputy Police Chief Stephen Lang] said Hazard had eight previous arrests and had had his license suspended six times. He also was convicted in 2008 of refusing to take a chemical breath test for alcohol, Lang said.

And he was merrily working off the effects of alcohol and prescription meds behind the wheel?

I’ll never forget October 28, 2005, when Melanie’s Law (the one thing good thing Romney supported) passed in MA. Under it, Hazard would have had a lifetime license suspension on his third arrest (not that I’m naive enough to think that people don’t drive on suspended licenses, but still), and his vehicle would have been seized.

If ever Rhode Island wants to show up our neighbor to the north, how’s about a drunk driving law that includes mandatory jail time for a multiple offense?

7 thoughts on “Just Freaking Jail Them, Already”

  1. If we are jailing people for multiple assaults, domestic assaults, manslaughter and the like, then absolutely multiple drunk driving violations should be taken just as seriously as those crimes. Jack, you just sound like an asshole.

  2. Annie Messier

    Jack, the cheap shot was entirely due to your entering something totally immature, not to mention related to your penis, instead of a valid email address requested of posters. I’m not above coming down to a childish level, but there isn’t much lower to go than “yo mama” now, is there?

    But there are plenty of interesting and skilled writers on the Providence Daily Dose. Don’t limit yourself to my drivel and you’ll be fine.

  3. Hmmm, that’s not how yo mama describes it.
    No offense, but i’m going to have to decline your offer.
    If someone’s going to write about my member, i’d prefer it be a rational, skilled writer.
    Someone who can do better than just put down drivel about drivers not using turn signals or whatever trivial matters middle aged folk like you consider a big deal.

  4. Annie Messier

    There are people in jail who shouldn’t be, IMO (top of the chart: possessors of marijuana for personal use). But there are 17,000 deaths a year due to impaired drivering, and David Hazard flat-out shouldn’t had this opportunity to leave another six children motherless.

    (I admit I’m particuarly sensitive to this issue after losing a friend to a drunk driver.)

  5. Incarceration is always the answer! Anything that’s not already a jailable crime should be! Lock ’em all up! After all, a nationwide 1% incarceration rate is pathetically small!

  6. Annie Messier

    I’d have written about murder via weak RI laws any day. The traffic was a one-time vent, concidentally only a day before. But I’m always open to suggestions. Your small penis, perhaps? ; )

  7. This looks like a redux variant of your “bad Rhode Island drivers” whine. Don’t you have anything other than traffic to write about?

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