Hugs And Communion Wafers, Not Drugs And Communion Wafers

I know I should be in bed now and not inebriatedly checking my Facebook, but I was just informed that tomorrow (ie. Wednesday) is Hug A Catholic Day!

According to the Google, this isn’t the first one of these events.  But since I like any excuse to post videos I like, here’s PJ Harvey (who played an amazing Mary Magdalene in Hal Hartley’s otherwise dullsville movie about Jesus and Apple products) bouncing around in the video for Black Hearted Love, the first single from her super-good new album with John Parish.


Seriously.  Polly Jean Harvey In A Bouncy Castle=The Two Greatest Creations Of Our Age, Together As One.

Now go out there and hug a Catholic, already.

1 thought on “Hugs And Communion Wafers, Not Drugs And Communion Wafers”

  1. Annie Messier

    Thank you for posting lots of fun videos! (Well, I can’t actually see anything videos on this computer, but I know the song–and it doesn’t hurt to have PJ Harvey in one’s head from time to time.)

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