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Borders nationwide are getting rid of their CD and DVD sections, which is good news if you like to score big off a sinking ship but bad news also, since Borders’ stock was so overpriced that even a half-off sale doesn’t necessarily equal a good bargain.

While a lot of stores went to 50% off a while ago, the Providence Place location was still at “40% on selected titles” until today.  There were a couple of okay things–the Pet Shop Boys concert DVD and Elvis Presley/Nancy Sinatra extravaganza Speedway were both marked down–but for the most part their exclusion of “bestsellers” was iffy at best.  (I’m sure that second season of Joan of Arcadia is really selling like hotcakes, guys.)  The CD section wasn’t much better–prominent displays of Green Day’s six-year old b-sides collection being the most notable deal–but you never know.  Since tomorrow is National Record Store Day, it might be worth having a poke around before you go to one of the few remaining music outlets in the area.

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  1. It wasn’t too many years ago that I used to shop at the Borders on Park Ave. in New York because they had a great selection and were right down the street from my office. Now it has been ages since I’ve bought music on actual physical media. Makes me sad, but at the same time, how can you beat downloading to my desktop then synching to my iPod and away I go?

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