Show Your Support For Medical Marijuana

Senate Desk Jesse Stout, executive director of RIPAC, the medical marijuana advocacy organization, invites interested parties to join him this afternoon for the Rhode Island Senate Committee on Health and Human Services vote on bill SO185 allowing the Health Department to license a non-profit compassion center to grow medical marijuana for state-approved patients. While it is now legal for registered patients to possess marijuana for medical purposes, obtaining it safely and in sufficient quantities remains an insurmountable obstacle for many of the over 600 registered patients. (Picture Nana trying to score.) We need to make this happen.

(Pictured here is a desk in the senate chamber which I snagged from my new favorite time-waster the RI State House Pictorial Gallery.  This is not room 313, however, which is probably a bland office-y room with file cabinets.  If you go today, take a walk around this glorious pile and don’t forget to look up.)

4:30pm, room 313, RI State House, Smith Street, more info at RIPAC or call 861.1601

[UPDATE: The committee voted 8-0 in favor of the bill. It now heads to the Senate floor where legislators sit at the desks pictured here and will hopefully hit that little green button. I think that’s how it must work. BC]

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